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The Goofed up Science Project


In this adventure Joey learns a hard lesson about putting assignments off and not following through on commitments to do what needs to be done.

Ages: 3 to 8  |  Character Trait Modeled:   Self discipline

ISBN:  83-7146-034-1


Joey has a big science project due for his fourth grade class. He keeps thinking he has plenty of time to work in the project—until the weekend before the big project is due. Andy hears about the problem that Joey brought on himself.

While disappointed in Joey not being responsible, Andy agrees to help Joey create an amazing ant farm. Andy involves all of his ant friends and the ant farm is a real winner—until absentminded Joey forgets to put holes in the jar lid and leaves the ant farm in the window at school for the weekend.

A major disaster is averted when Joey is able to get to the jar and help rescue the ants from near death.


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