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The Runaway Dog


During this adventure Joey learns that being responsible is not an easy task and when you mess up there is a price to pay.

Ages: 3 to 8  | Character Trait Modeled:   Responsible

ISBN:  83-7146-034=1


Joey has been asked by his neighbor, Mr. Anderson, to take care of his dog, Ralph, while he went on vacation for two weeks.  For doing a good job Joey was going to be paid real money! Since Joey and Andy already know and love Ralph, this sounds like easy money.

Mr. Anderson had one warning:  Always keep the gate shut because Ralph was known to run away if the gate was not closed at all times.   Everything went well until the day Joey forgot to close the gate.   Ralph got out and Andy tries his best to stop him.

Andy and Ralph both end up at the dog pound, where Joey has to pay money to get Ralph out of the pound—the same amount he was going to make for taking care of Ralph.


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