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Danger At The Circus


During this adventure Andy and Joey learn how important it is to spend time with adults and obey their advice.  Adults like adventures too!

Character Trait Modeled:  Showing Respect

ISBN:  83-7146-034-1


Joey’s dad has planned a special dad-son day—a day at the big top circus. Joey knows Andy has never been to the circus and invites him along. Andy’s mom gives him permission to go as long as Andy’s Uncle Andrew goes with him.

Everything is going great at the circus until a clown frightens Joey and he drops a soda cup—not realizing Uncle Andrew and Andy were both on the edge of the cup and having a drink themselves. As the cup bounces down the steps a janitor quickly grabs the cup and tosses it in a big trash bag.

This adventure focus on how Uncle Andrew and Andy amazingly find their way back to Joey after this near disaster.


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