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The Secret of the Spooky House


During this adventure Joey learns that rumors are never true and knowing what is true helps one make good decisions.

Ages: 3 to 8  | Character Trait Modeled:   Kindness

ISBN:  83-7146-034-1 


Andy and his sister, Angelica have art classes with a famous ant artist. They are running late for their class so Andy asks Joey to take them to their appointment on his bike. Joey agrees to help. Andy said he would show Joey where to go.

Arthur lives in the wood pile behind the big old spooky house in the next block. When Joey learns where they are going he freaks out—because every kid in town knows that a witch lives there and that the house is haunted.

This adventure leads Joey, Andy and Angelica to come face to face with the old lady that lives in the big spooky house.


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