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Facing the Unexpected!

Sam is my neighborhood friend. He lives at the far end of my block.  Sam is a year ahead of me in school but we really have good times together.  Sam has missed a whole week of school.  This worries me.  I asked Dad if he knew where Sam might be.  He said I should walk over to his house and ask about him. Good friends care for each other.

I normally ride my bike everywhere but my bike has a flat tire.  I asked Andy to go with me so I would have so company as I walked to Sam’s house.  Andy was glad to get out of my yard and jumped on my shoe. I told him I was worried about Sam.  Andy listened and asked a few questions.  As we got to Sam’s house I saw his Mom pull in the driveway.  I asked her where Sam was and if he was OK.  Her answer was shocking.  I actually felt sick!

She told me Sam became very sick last Monday.  He got so bad that Dr. Jones admitted him to the hospital.  This is serious! He has been there six days and no one can figure out what’s wrong with Sam.   Whatever it is, it is really serious.  I asked if my Dad could take me to see him.  The answer was simply, “Not now.  He is too sick to see anyone.”

Finish this story by using the following question:

  • What do you think Andy’s advice is to Joey about Sam?
  • What do you think Joey can do?
  • What would you do if you had a close friend that ended up in the hospital?
  • What do you think Joey and Andy will do when they get back to Joey’s house?