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Overnight camping!


This coming weekend I get to go on an overnight camp-out with other boys and their dads from our church.  We’re going to set up tents by a lake and cook our food on an open fire.  Andy’s begging me to go along, but I’m not sure how the other boys would react if they knew an ant had joined the camping overnight.  I’ve seen some boys squash ants for no reason at all, and I know Andy wouldn’t like that!  Andy said his Uncle Andrew could go camping with him.  I will have to think about this.  Many people don’t like ants.  They don’t realize how much you can learn from the littlest of things.



Mom’s not feeling well….


I heard Mom tell Dad this morning at breakfast that she still didn’t feel well.  I think she’s in pain.  I wonder what’s going on. She had a doctor’s appointment last week but I don’t know what she learned.   She’s been sleeping more lately.  When I came home from school the other day, she was sleeping on the couch and never heard Andy and me come in.  Even when it’s not time to be in bed, she’s sleeping.  I asked my brother what was wrong with Mom, and he just said that her doctor was concerned about her.  This gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.  I wonder what’s going on with her.



Andy is playing tuba again in the ant marching band.

Andy told me last night that he will be playing in the Grand Ant marching band again this year. He still plays the tuba. Talk about strange!  It looks so heavy on him.  The tuba is bigger than Andy.  He says carrying the tuba in the marching band is good exercise for him.   There are over 20 ants playing together in their band. They do their practice marching on the other side of the fence so they don’t get trampled by the kids playing on the school playground.  I think I am the only kid that knows about the ant band.  Don’t tell anyone!  Have you got my book called The Band Music Mystery?   This book tells you more about Andy’s band and the day I almost lost Andy forever while practicing my trumpet.


I’m trying out for jazz band!

This week I am trying out for the school jazz band.  I sure hope I’m accepted this year.  I practiced my trumpet over the summer and am better now than last spring.  I think I’m pretty good.  The jazz band gets to play at different places around town—like the Harvest Festival, the Children’s Hospital, Kiwanis and Rotary.  Hopefully we will get to go state competition next Spring. This means we’ll take a bus and stay overnight in a hotel.



Our school assignments and grades are being posted to parents!

Tomorrow night is a big night at school.  We have only been in school for a week and we are already hosting all of our parents for the evening.  Mom and Dad will meet my new teacher.  Mrs. Woodard told us today that she would be going over what she expected of us and how parents could track our grades and school progress.  She will post our daily assignments for all parents.  This is not good!  She will also be posting all of our test scores online and a parent can check on how we are REALLY doing.   I frankly like the old way better where I tell Mom and Dad how I did each day.  Mrs. Woodard told us today that she is going to be directly in touch with each of our parents at least weekly so there will be no surprises as to how each of us is doing.   Technology is fun—until it starts to interfere with my privacy!  I wonder if Andy’s teacher will be reporting to his parents each week as well.  Andy is so smart he almost always gets the highest marks in school.  His parents never worry about his progress.