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I’m trying out for jazz band!

This week I am trying out for the school jazz band.  I sure hope I’m accepted this year.  I practiced my trumpet over the summer and am better now than last spring.  I think I’m pretty good.  The jazz band gets to play at different places around town—like the Harvest Festival, the Children’s Hospital, Kiwanis and Rotary.  Hopefully we will get to go state competition next Spring. This means we’ll take a bus and stay overnight in a hotel.



Write it, don’t just say it!

Verbally expressing a compliment is important but writing a compliment down and giving it to a child is much more powerful. Here is a suggestion.  Each week write a short one or two sentence note of praise to your child on a full-size sheet of paper.   Write at his or her level so it is meaningful to them. Praise your child for something he or she did or a characteristic that is noteworthy.  Create some art on the page!  If you do one written compliment a week you child will have 52 positive affirmations in writing in just a year.   This is the beginning of your legacy to your child.

Our school assignments and grades are being posted to parents!

Tomorrow night is a big night at school.  We have only been in school for a week and we are already hosting all of our parents for the evening.  Mom and Dad will meet my new teacher.  Mrs. Woodard told us today that she would be going over what she expected of us and how parents could track our grades and school progress.  She will post our daily assignments for all parents.  This is not good!  She will also be posting all of our test scores online and a parent can check on how we are REALLY doing.   I frankly like the old way better where I tell Mom and Dad how I did each day.  Mrs. Woodard told us today that she is going to be directly in touch with each of our parents at least weekly so there will be no surprises as to how each of us is doing.   Technology is fun—until it starts to interfere with my privacy!  I wonder if Andy’s teacher will be reporting to his parents each week as well.  Andy is so smart he almost always gets the highest marks in school.  His parents never worry about his progress.




Have you complemented your child in writing this week?

My grandson’s first grade teacher prepared a year-end gift for each child in her class:  A personalized compliment book.  Every child in class was instructed to write a sentence or two on a piece of paper expressing a good quality of each classmate. They added illustrative art typical of a first grader. The teacher then combined all the papers for each child and created a personalized book of compliments for each one.  The introductory page was to each child, expressing hopes and dreams and how glad the teacher was for getting to know each child. Each page expresses something special.  The best is affirmed.  Every page makes a lasting impression

This School Year is Going to be Tough!


Summer is over and that means it’s back to school.  It’s still really hot outside so I am glad my classroom has air conditioning.  I like my new teacher, Mrs. Woolard.  She’s easy to talk to and says she wants us to have the best school year ever.  She is expecting us to work hard!  My first assignment is to start a journal and write something every day.  This should be easy since I began doing this a year ago.  I wonder if Andy’s teacher has given him the same assignment.  It seems we often end up with similar homework.  I wonder what my teacher would think if she found out my best friend is an ant?