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Month: July 2017

Swimming Lessons

I mentioned earlier that I am not the best swimmer.  Last week Dad arranged for Sam, one of the summer lifeguards at the pool, to give me some lessons so I could do better.  Dad said if I got really good I could try out for the swim team.  Now I get to go swimming three times a week for the next four weeks.  Sam is really a good teacher and I am doing really well for my size and age.  I may be the best swimmer in town by the end of the summer!

Go eye to eye with your child.

When talking to your child about something important, get down to his or her level.  You can kneel down or sit down next to them so you are equal to your child’s size.   By taking the initiative to get down to your child’s level, you demonstrate that you really care.  Think for a moment of how powerful you must be in his or her eyes.  If you stand and direct your child to do something, he or she will feel very small and insignificant.  You need to find ways to become like a child to effectively communicate to a child.

Surprise at Adventureland

Every Sunday my family gets ready and goes to Promise Church together.  Sometimes I don’t want to go but Mom and Dad say this is a priority.  I actually like going because I attend Adventureland with a lot of my friends.  We sing, have a lesson based on a Bible story, talk about what we can learn from the story, have a snack and go out to play.  My sister, Becky, goes to her own class and Mom, Dad and my brother, Dwayne, go with their friends.


Last Sunday I asked Andy to come along so he could get an idea of what I do every Sunday. This time his mom said yes without Parker or Uncle Andrew coming along.  I guess she felt attending church would be a safe place.  Andy promised to stay in my shirt pocket.  He could peek out and still not be noticed.

My friends and I were having a chat and a snack. Suddenly my friend, Cindy, came up behind me and jerked my chair out from under me.  She was just trying to be funny, but I ended up on the floor.  All the kids at my table had a good laugh.  I laughed too but this was not really funny.

I looked down to my pocket to see if Andy was OK.  He was gone! He never leaves my pocket when he is in new places.  I had to find Andy without the other kids knowing I was looking for an ant….

Finish this story by answering the following questions:

  • Where do you think Andy was just before Joey ended up on the floor?
  • If you were Joey, what would you do to find Andy?
  • Where did Joey find Andy?
  • What lesson did Joey and Andy learn from this experience at Adventureland?




Summer Break is NOT a Break!

Since school is out I can sleep till eight o’clock in the morning.  Mom then wakes me up and says there are a lot of things that I need to do.  My Mom does not understand how exhausted I am from my stressful school year.  I thought this summer was to be a real break where I could do nothing and just relax– but my Mom does not see it that way.  She has jobs for me to do about every day.  Yesterday she said I had to help my brother, Dwayne, wash the house windows—all of them in one day!  Whoever built our house never thought about the work it was to keep those windows clean.  This was not a fun job until Dwayne got the smart idea to use the garden hose to get the windows wet.   We got soaked but got the windows cleaned.  I would spray the water on each window and on Dwayne.  He would then wash the windows with a cleaner.  I would then rinse the clearer off, and Dwayne would then dry and shine them.        Mom was really surprised at how good we did at getting them cleaned.  What could have taken all day only took us only four hours.

Raising your voice usually accomplishes nothing but noise. 

Raising your voice and demanding obedience seldom accomplishes your intended objective.  Find ways to personally connect.  For example, take their face in your hands and say. “Look at my eyes and listen to me.”  Then firmly give the instruction you need to give.  A firm voice is not a yelling voice.  You need to connect to get through to the young mind.