Twitter response:

Day: May 15, 2017

I have two days of tests coming up!

Well, Ms. Adams, the student teacher is helping prepare us for year-end tests.  She is trying to be helpful but I wonder.   Today she explained that the testing is required by our school district.  The testing was not going to be just a quick quiz.  The test was going to actually take two full days and will includes things that we have learned in areas of history, science, math, and social studies.  I think I am in trouble. Can you imagine that?   This really disturbs me!

I cannot imagine answering questions, writing, and solving problems for two whole days.  Who in the world came up with this idea anyway?   Ms. Adams explained that the school want to know if we are learning how to think and solve problems so that we are able to teach and lead others.  I just a kid. I am not ready to teach or lead anything!!  I must talk to Andy about this