Twitter response:

What a Great Concert!

Last Saturday night was the band concert in the band shell.  I think this was the best we ever played. There were over 300 people that heard us play.  My trumpet solo really ended well.  No one knows, but I had Andy in my shirt pocket so he could hear the music and see the big crowd.  Andy told me afterword that he was impressed with the good job we did.  He should know, because his ant band is fantastic.  They win all kinds of awards.

After we played our last song all the people stood up and cheered.  That made all of us kids feel really good about our  performance.        This concert was after the last day at school so that means I don’t have to go back to school for 10 weeks!  Summer is here and I really need a long break.  I overheard one of the teachers tell another teacher that she was ready to be away from us kids for the summer.  The feeling is mutual!