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You should have seen the bugs and insects I saw at the Science Museum!

The highlight of my week last week was the visit to the Science Museum.  What a place!  They had everything you can imagine there.  Science is really cool.   I am learning that learning is fun when you put your mind to it.   I went to one room full of bugs and millions of insects. I am sure glad I did not being Andy along—because everything I way was dead and mounted for display.  Andy would not have like that!   What amazed me was how many living things there are that are even smaller than Andy—and I thought he was little (but wise).

There is so much to see and do at the Museum.  I am going to ask Dad to take my brother and me there for a whole day this summer.  We all could learn some valuable information.  I especially what to visit the space exhibit and see a moon rock.  Maybe I will take Andy then, but will not take him to that insect room!


Big trip to the Science Museum!

This week my whole class is going on a field trip to the Science Museum.  My teacher feels it will help is see how science helps us in everyday life.  Sounds good to me.  I’ve been wanting to get away from school for a day anyway.   We are going to go by bus and it will take almost an hour to get there.  I hear this is a big place with all kinds of wonderful things to see and do.   Learning this way really sounds like fun to me.

Oh, my teacher reminded us that our science project was due in three weeks.   I have not done much thinking about this. Frankly I was trying to forget it!   Maybe this field trip will give me some ideas.  I bet Andy would like to go to the Science Museum.  Wonder if I could bring him along and keep him out of site so the kids that don’t like insects don’t harm him.  It would be fun to have him join me.  We haven’t had a fun-filled adventure in a few weeks….

Andy really likes school—his attitude is different than mine!

My teacher reminded us of the science project this morning.  She never gives up loading the work on us!   It is even difficult to enjoy recess with all the work I have coming at me.

Andy came over for a visit last night before I went to bed.  He absolutely loves school!   He says learning is a great adventure in life.   Every test he takes he get top marks.   He believes learning leads to having insight and wisdom to make good decisions in life.   I am beginning to think that my attitude about school has a lot to do with how I learn in school.  Maybe if I see how learning is helping me I will be more eager to learn.   Andy’s insights always amaze me.


I hate to take tests.

What a day!  I had a spelling test as soon as school started this morning. Did not do as well as I thought I would.  Bummer.   After recess I had a math quiz.   We are working on fractions now and this really messes my brain up.   Why God made things so complicated is beyond me!  Where is the fun in school when what I’m learning is actually hard to understand?  The day was full of new challenges.  Even the food for lunch was something that I had never seen before.   I ate it but did not know what I was eating.

My teacher also introduced us to a student that is studying to be a teacher and she will be with us every day for the next six weeks.  She will be helping us prepare for some year-end tests.   This school business in like going to work every day.  Long hours, challenging people and little reward.  Life should be fun for a kid like

I have a big science project to do!

Spring Vacation is over and I am back in school.  I am already looking forward to summer break!    My teacher announced big assignment today.  Each kid in my class has to do a science project.  We have to decide what we want to do, plan out what has to be done, and then do what we planned.  This all sounds more like work than fun to me.

This science project is not due for six weeks, so I have plenty of time.  I have no idea what I want to do.  I will have to think about this.   I do know that when it is due each of us in the class have to make a presentation to all the other students.  This means I have to stand up and talk about my project for at least 10 minutes!   I think I am in trouble already!   School should be fun—and this science project sounds like it is going to be too much work.    Wonder if Andy has to do a science project for his class as well.  Maybe he has some ideas.