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Assigned to Mow the Lawn!

Dad assigned me a new job this morning.  He thinks I am now old enough to mow the lawn with the power mower.  This means more work for me.  I don’t like this growing up stuff—I wish I could be Peter Pan.  Anyway, Dad showed me how to start the mower and how to go back and forth over the lawn.  After making a few passes with me he turned the mover over to me.  Wow, I was running the mower as good as Dad was.  Back and forth I went until the front law was done.

As I mowed I remember the day Dad decided to mow the law after I had told Andy and his soccer team they could practice on the lawn.  That day the lawnmower just about mowed down the whole ant soccer team.  You need to read the Lawnmower on the Loose book to see what happened that day. You can be assured, there were no ants out playing in the grass today. When I learned that Dad was going to train me to mow the lawn I ran to the front porch and warned Andy to get his friends away from the grass.  I did not want another disaster


I’m on restriction!

I am on restriction for some dumb thing I did this last weekend. I am usually a good kid but what I did to by sister, Becky, was not a good thing.  I really don’t want to talk about what I did. Restriction means I cannot leave my property today—including going to swimming lessons.  Bummer.   I decided to see what Andy was up to.  He wasn’t at home and I found him at his swimming hole.  I encouraged him to swim while I watched—even though his Dad told him to never swim alone.  What happened next was a disaster!  What a problem I created for Andy.  You need to get the Swimming Hole Disaster book to see what happened to Andy because I forgot to do what I said I would do.  This has not been a good day!

Swimming Lessons

I mentioned earlier that I am not the best swimmer.  Last week Dad arranged for Sam, one of the summer lifeguards at the pool, to give me some lessons so I could do better.  Dad said if I got really good I could try out for the swim team.  Now I get to go swimming three times a week for the next four weeks.  Sam is really a good teacher and I am doing really well for my size and age.  I may be the best swimmer in town by the end of the summer!

Summer Break is NOT a Break!

Since school is out I can sleep till eight o’clock in the morning.  Mom then wakes me up and says there are a lot of things that I need to do.  My Mom does not understand how exhausted I am from my stressful school year.  I thought this summer was to be a real break where I could do nothing and just relax– but my Mom does not see it that way.  She has jobs for me to do about every day.  Yesterday she said I had to help my brother, Dwayne, wash the house windows—all of them in one day!  Whoever built our house never thought about the work it was to keep those windows clean.  This was not a fun job until Dwayne got the smart idea to use the garden hose to get the windows wet.   We got soaked but got the windows cleaned.  I would spray the water on each window and on Dwayne.  He would then wash the windows with a cleaner.  I would then rinse the clearer off, and Dwayne would then dry and shine them.        Mom was really surprised at how good we did at getting them cleaned.  What could have taken all day only took us only four hours.

The Big 4th in the Park

I always look forward to the big city picnic on the 4th of July.  We go to the park right after a quick lunch and swim for a couple of hours in the big public pool.  It seems like almost every kid in my school is there.  I am not the best swimmer but I get by.  I like jumping off the diving board and going down the giant slide.  What a blast!  Midafternoon we play group games with our parents.  All the parents try to beat us but we kids always win.  The older kids and some of the adults usually play baseball for a couple of hours.  Late in the day there is a big picnic where every family brings food.  We eat until we are stuffed.  The best part of the day starts about 9 pm.  The city puts on a huge fireworks show that seems to last forever. I like to lay on the grass and look up at the sky and watch as the fireworks go off.  Andy told me last year he did not want to go with me this year. He said there were too many people and the fireworks noise hurt his ant feelers.