Twitter response:

I in trouble—my science project is due and I am not ready!

I am in trouble big time!  Remember that science project assignment?  I kept putting it off and now it is due this Friday.  My teacher passed out the schedule of presentations to the class today and I am scheduled to present my science project to the class this coming Friday right after lunch.   I don’t even have a project and I am expected to make a presentation on something I know nothing about!  On top of this, Ms. Adams announced that the two days of tests would be next week.

I need admit to Andy that I blew it big time and ask him for his advice.  He always finds solutions to challenging situations.  Maybe by being honest about my failure he can help be know what to say or what to do.  How I wish this whole week would disappear. I am so nervous about the presentation due on Friday that I cannot even think about tests next week.