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Category: Parent’s Tips

Make your child’s teacher your best friend!  

As a parent, you should know your child’s teacher well. You are in a partnership together to ensure your child is learning all he or she can. Find ways to work together so your child feels supported. Ask questions and don’t be fearful of challenging the learning process. Your goal is to demonstrate a unified front. Never disagree with a teacher when your child is present. The child needs to experience a sense of cooperation. You can challenge a teacher, but not in front of the child.

Get involved in your child’s school.

Volunteer in your child’s classroom or a regular basis. This demonstrates to your child that you are really interested in what is going on and that you are supportive of his or her learning process. When you have volunteered, ask your child about how things went that day. Allow your child to give you their input. This is a way of illustrating that you value his or her opinion.

Is your child involved in a children-centered church program?  

Make sure your child is involved in a church-based learning program geared for one’s age.  If you want your child to grow into adulthood with the values that are important to you, then you need to make sure they are engaged in an environment outside of your home where these values are being taught and reinforced when they are young.


Teach Godly values to your child. Never assume your child will “get it.”

The Adventures of Andy Ant stories are not religious stories as such, but each story makes at least one reference to God. Andy and Joey both know God is involved in their lives. The values taught in these adventures are based on Biblical truth. God should not be reserved for Sunday mornings. Make periodic mentions of God so your child begins to recognize you honor and respect His authority. You are to train up a child in the way that he or she should think and act, so when the child is older, he or she will not depart from their respect for and honor of God.  This is taught, not caught.

Do you what your child to respect and honor the Creator of life? 

If you want your child to be God-honoring, it is important that you bring God into conversations with your child on a regular basis.  For your child to grow to respect the Creator, you need to be acknowledging the Creator. Find a creative way three to four times a day to bring God into your conversations with your child.   If you don’t, who will be doing this?