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Riding to school in the rain.

Another storm came through last week and we had a lot of rain for three days straight!  Each day it rained Mom had me bundle up in rain gear so I would not get wet.   I looked weird—like someone from outer space– but I stayed dry.  My teacher thought my outfit was very interesting.   Riding my bike in the rain is quite a challenge.  I have to be extra careful.  Wonder what kids wear to school where it is really cold?   I hear some kids live in tropical areas where it never really gets cold.  Our world has so much variety.  This is an amazing place to live!  I am glad I live where I live-and I sure other kids are glad they live where they live.


Climbing the old elm tree.

Another nice warm day yesterday with no rain.  I was able to pay outside in shirt sleeves all afternoon.  Andy and Dickter came out from underground and we had quite and adventure climbing up in the old elm tree. Let me tell you, ants can really climb.   They climbed up much higher than I felt I could.  Andy and Dicker then irritated me by talking and talking about the great view from the top.  While there were no leaves on that old tree yet I could see tiny leaves starting to form.  Creation is so amazing.   Without even trying that old elm tree knows exactly when to start making new leaves.  In a month or so the whole tree will have thousands of new leaves.   I don’t understand how creation works but I sure am glad there is someone who does.

I am ready for Spring!

This has been an unusual winter.  Parts of the country have had lots of snow and really cold temperatures.  Other parts have had lots of rain.   I have not had the snow where I live but the weather gal on the TV news talks about snow in some places that almost covers houses.  Where I live, we have had a lot of rain all winter. Frankly, I have had enough!   I am ready for Spring.  I have not seen as much of Andy as I normally do.  He told me yesterday that rain really messes up his ant world.  I cannot imagine the flooding the ants must have to deal with underground—after all, the rain soaks right into their world. Talk about being cold and wet!  No wonder he likes coming to my room.