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What a Great Concert!

Last Saturday night was the band concert in the band shell.  I think this was the best we ever played. There were over 300 people that heard us play.  My trumpet solo really ended well.  No one knows, but I had Andy in my shirt pocket so he could hear the music and see the big crowd.  Andy told me afterword that he was impressed with the good job we did.  He should know, because his ant band is fantastic.  They win all kinds of awards.

After we played our last song all the people stood up and cheered.  That made all of us kids feel really good about our  performance.        This concert was after the last day at school so that means I don’t have to go back to school for 10 weeks!  Summer is here and I really need a long break.  I overheard one of the teachers tell another teacher that she was ready to be away from us kids for the summer.  The feeling is mutual!

I Really Messed Up!

Big mess up today.  I forgot my music and left it home today.  I should have put it away after practicing last night.  When I got to band practice I realized the music was not there.  I had to think fast.  I decided to borrow my friend, Kenney’s, music since he could not attend practice due to a doctor’s appointment.  After practice, I forgot to put his music back.  I threw it in my trumpet case and ran out the door.  If you want to know what happened after that you need to get The Band Music Mystery book.  All I can tell you is I created a mess and about lost Andy Ant in the process.  Nothing bad would have happened if I had just taken my own music to school!


Band Concert in the Park

School will be out for the summer in two weeks.  I can’t wait to be finished.  Had a surprise today.  My band teacher announced we had been chosen to play a band concert at the city park bandstand in two weeks.  This is going to be fun.  Everyone visiting the park will hear us. I know I have to do some extra practice so I don’t mess up my trumpet solo.  I think this year will end on a high note!  I am going to take Andy so he can hear my band play.


A Stressful week of Tests!

What a stressful week I have had! I am sure glad those tests are over.  Whoever came up with an idea like testing us kids all the time?  They are inflicting unnecessary punishment on us innocent kids.  The math part was really hard. I frankly guessed at some of the questions.  My teacher said to not think too much about each question—just read and respond.  Well, that’s what I did.  Some parts were easier for me.  I liked the history part.  There were even some questions in the science section about insects.  I got all of those right because Andy had told me a lot about his underground world and how the ants worked together.  I can’t handle another stressful week like this!


What a disaster– because I forgot!

Well, you want to know what happened to my science presentation?  You are going to have to get The Goofed-up Science Project book at to learn what happened.  I explain what happened there.  It was quite an amazing week that almost ended in a disaster.   My forgetfulness almost killed Andy and his friends.   Get the book and find out what happened.

I have two days of tests this week.  I cannot get out of this in any way.  I just got to get in there block out distractions and outside thoughts and do my best.  Maybe I have learned something after all.   School is a lot of work.  I am learning that by talking one day at a time and not forgetting what you are required to do makes hard things more enjoyable.