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Year: 2017

When you do blow it—and you will.

If you do lose your temper when applying discipline to your child and end up acting like a child yourself, you need to cool down, breath, and then sit down with your child and apologize for your inappropriate behavior.  Your child needs to see you admit wrong when you are wrong.  When your behavior is not appropriate ask your child for forgiveness in handling the situation poorly.  Allow your apology to be a teaching moment for your child.


Rolling Through

One Saturday morning Andy Ant and Joey decide to ride Joey’s bike to a friend’s house to hang out and play some video games.  As usual, Andy was sitting on Joey’s bike’s handlebar (Andy learned awhile back that he could go more places faster by riding with Joey than by walking).  Joey was in a hurry.  He failed to stop at a stop sign—you might say he “rolled through” without coming to a stop.

As he turned to the right without stopping, a car came speeding down the street.  This spooked Joey, and he lost his balance.  Down he went onto the street.  Joey and Andy were not hit by the car, but it was a close call.  Joey’s knee and elbow got scraped…but wait!  All of a sudden, Joey realized that Andy had disappeared.  Andy was nowhere to be found!

  • Where do you think Andy is? 
  • How will Joey find Andy? 
  • What went wrong in this adventure?
  • It’s up to you to make up the rest of this story.  In your adventure you have to find Andy!
I am trying out for jazz band!

This week I am trying out for the school jazz band.  I sure hope I’m accepted this year.  I practiced my trumpet over the summer and am better now than last spring.  I think I’m pretty good.  The jazz band gets to play at different places around town—like the Harvest Festival, the Children’s Hospital, Kiwanis and Rotary.  Hopefully we will get to go state competition next Spring. This means we’ll take a bus and stay overnight in a hotel.


Jumping into the hay.

What an exciting time I had this last week.  The trip to the family farm was so much fun.   It was still too cold to swim in the pond, but we played around the pond a great deal.   We created a new game in the old barn.  We climbed way up high on the walls of the barn and then jumped into a pile of hay piles on the floor.  It was just like flying through the air.   Everything was going well until my oldest cousin, Paul, landed wrong and sprained his ankle.   I was glad he was not badly hurt.

The grownup saw what we were doing and decided our climbing the barn walls and flying to the hay below was too dangerous and made us stop.  Going to a new place for a few days is always creates new memories.  I think we are going back for a week after school is out.  Maybe on that trip I will invite Andy and his Uncle Andrew to join us.  I know Andy would have a blast on the farm.  I saw a lot of his distant relatives there!


Discipline should be intentional and appropriate.

As a parent, you should discipline in a direct and intentional way that demonstrates to your child that you are in control and that the behavior requiring discipline is not acceptable. When you are “out of control” in giving discipline, your child will very likely ignore the discipline. Your child may be sitting down on the outside, but standing up on the inside. Be the parent, not an adult kid. There is no reason to “lose your temper.”