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Month: November 2017

A Bit of Ben Wisdom

An outstanding educator and leader in educating students in San Bernardino, CA, Margaret Hill, posted a quote on her Facebook page a while back from Ben Franklin: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Parents, you need to memorize this one!  It is easier to tell than to teach.  Lasting impact on a child’s life comes through involvement.




How many ants live in your neighborhood?

Andy told me this morning on the way to school that his dad is starting to build a new underground condo project for senior ants on a big vacant field that’s three blocks from my house.  Imagine a retirement community for old ants!  His dad has to get up extra early to be at work by 7am.  Three blocks’ distance is a long way for ants to walk.

Most people have no idea how many ants live in my neighborhood.  They live in ant villages called colonies.  Andy tells me they have underground highways and that most ants never come out in the daytime.   When God created the earth, He made plenty of room for lots of ants. He sees value in them, even if people don’t.  God is quite amazing. He cares for every person and for every little creature—even ones smaller than ants.


You are called parent, not be a dictator!

It is tempting at times to “lay the law down” and demand your kids “do what they are told.”   To get your child’s ownership on a decision you need to make, you need help them take ownership of the decision.   Allow them to feel that the decision is theirs– even though you clearly know what the outcome must be.  Keep your demands to a minimum.

Engage your child in the process of making good decisions.  Help your child learn how to formulate options and draw reasonable conclusions.  Work together so that the child begins to see how you think. Engagement helps your child begin to understand wise decision making processes.


It is test time again!

This week I’m taking a bunch of tests to see if I am learning anything.  I wish school never gave kids tests.  It seems the tests always test me on what I forgot.  Dad says I need to prepare for the tests and not worry so much.  Easy for him to say since he’s not being tested!  I’m good in math.  There are so many ways to get the same answer.  I have trouble remembering things that are taught in history.  I like science, especially when we study about insects.   The more I learn about Andy’s world, the better I understand him.  He’s an amazing little creature.  He’s smart.  I wonder if he could pass the tests I have to take this week? Wonder how much he really knows?