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Month: July 2017

Lost in the Barn

Last weekend Andy got permission from his Mom and Dad to go with me to my grandpa’s farm–if Uncle Andrew came along.  Uncle Andrew is a really cool retired ant.  He likes unexpected adventures and is always easy to talk to.  I have been wanting Andy to go with me for weeks and was glad Uncle Andrew could come with us.

When we got to the farm I told dad I wanted to go see grandpa’s chickens behind the big old barn.  Dad said ok but to stay out of the barn.  Andy and Uncle Andrew, as usual, were in my shirt pocket watching my every step.  As we got close to the old barn I remembered what fun I had in there with my cousins that last time we visited.  I decided to show Andy and Uncle Andrew this spooky old place.  I opened the big old barn door and stepped in.  It was really dark and dusty inside.  It was eerie and really scary.  Andy and Uncle Andrew were amazed at the size of this old place.  I headed toward the hay loft so I could show Andy and Uncle Andrew where I jumped into the hay stack.

Suddenly a big wind gust came through the barn and the big door slammed shut behind me.  The noise of the door slamming about scared me to death.  I could not see a thing because I was now in total darkness.  It was totally silent now.  Andy and Uncle Andrew never said a word. I don’t think I have ever been more afraid.  Eventually I found my way to the door.  As I opened the door I looked down to see how Andy and Uncle Andrew were doing.  But they were gone!  I looked in my pocket and all around my shirt—but they had disappeared….

Finish this story by answering the following questions:

  • What happened to Andy and Uncle Andrew?
  • Why did they suddenly disappear?
  • Where are they now?
  • How will Joey find then?
  • What lesson did Joey learn by going into the big old barn?


The Big 4th in the Park

I always look forward to the big city picnic on the 4th of July.  We go to the park right after a quick lunch and swim for a couple of hours in the big public pool.  It seems like almost every kid in my school is there.  I am not the best swimmer but I get by.  I like jumping off the diving board and going down the giant slide.  What a blast!  Midafternoon we play group games with our parents.  All the parents try to beat us but we kids always win.  The older kids and some of the adults usually play baseball for a couple of hours.  Late in the day there is a big picnic where every family brings food.  We eat until we are stuffed.  The best part of the day starts about 9 pm.  The city puts on a huge fireworks show that seems to last forever. I like to lay on the grass and look up at the sky and watch as the fireworks go off.  Andy told me last year he did not want to go with me this year. He said there were too many people and the fireworks noise hurt his ant feelers.