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Day: July 10, 2017

Summer Break is NOT a Break!

Since school is out I can sleep till eight o’clock in the morning.  Mom then wakes me up and says there are a lot of things that I need to do.  My Mom does not understand how exhausted I am from my stressful school year.  I thought this summer was to be a real break where I could do nothing and just relax– but my Mom does not see it that way.  She has jobs for me to do about every day.  Yesterday she said I had to help my brother, Dwayne, wash the house windows—all of them in one day!  Whoever built our house never thought about the work it was to keep those windows clean.  This was not a fun job until Dwayne got the smart idea to use the garden hose to get the windows wet.   We got soaked but got the windows cleaned.  I would spray the water on each window and on Dwayne.  He would then wash the windows with a cleaner.  I would then rinse the clearer off, and Dwayne would then dry and shine them.        Mom was really surprised at how good we did at getting them cleaned.  What could have taken all day only took us only four hours.