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Month: May 2017

Mower on the Loose
Mower on the Loose

Who is your best friend?  Andy’s best friend is a boy named Joey.  I know, it sounds a bit strange.  It’s not too common for a fourth grade ant and a fourth grade boy to be best friends.

Andy and his family live in an underground condo that is under the front steps of Joey and his family’s home.  Since they live so close to one another, almost every day Andy and Joey end up having an unexpected adventure together.

On the first day that they met each other, a lawn mower on the loose almost mowed down the Grand Ant soccer team.  You need to get the Lawn Mower on the Loose book to find out how they met and what happened to the soccer team that day (your mom or dad can buy this adventure by clicking on the title and ordering you a copy today).

  • What adventure did you end up having today?
  • What does ADVENTURE mean to you?
  • Who was with you on your last adventure?
  • What did you learn from this adventure?
What a disaster– because I forgot!

Well, you want to know what happened to my science presentation?  You are going to have to get The Goofed-up Science Project book at to learn what happened.  I explain what happened there.  It was quite an amazing week that almost ended in a disaster.   My forgetfulness almost killed Andy and his friends.   Get the book and find out what happened.

I have two days of tests this week.  I cannot get out of this in any way.  I just got to get in there block out distractions and outside thoughts and do my best.  Maybe I have learned something after all.   School is a lot of work.  I am learning that by talking one day at a time and not forgetting what you are required to do makes hard things more enjoyable.

Finish each day in the dark!

The Andy Ant adventure stories were started in my young daughter’s dark bedroom when she was about ready to go to sleep. How can you use this time to instill values, teach lessons of life, reinforce right behavior, or just have a fun bonding experience that ends up lasting a lifetime? You might think that these quiet moments are not very important; but to your child, ten minutes in the dark could be the highlight of their day—if you are really connecting with your little one.

How Andy Began Copy

What started as fun bedtime stories in 1975 for my daughter when she was almost three years old has resulted in a series of wonderful children’s books.

One night as I was telling my daughter a story just before she was to go to sleep, I started with a familiar beginning:  “Once upon a time, there was an ant…”  My daughter interrupted me with a question:  “Daddy, what was his name?”  I thought to myself for a moment, “What rhymes with ant?” The next word I said was, “Andy.”  That was all she needed. (more…)

I in trouble—my science project is due and I am not ready!

I am in trouble big time!  Remember that science project assignment?  I kept putting it off and now it is due this Friday.  My teacher passed out the schedule of presentations to the class today and I am scheduled to present my science project to the class this coming Friday right after lunch.   I don’t even have a project and I am expected to make a presentation on something I know nothing about!  On top of this, Ms. Adams announced that the two days of tests would be next week.

I need admit to Andy that I blew it big time and ask him for his advice.  He always finds solutions to challenging situations.  Maybe by being honest about my failure he can help be know what to say or what to do.  How I wish this whole week would disappear. I am so nervous about the presentation due on Friday that I cannot even think about tests next week.