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Day: April 17, 2017

I hate to take tests.

What a day!  I had a spelling test as soon as school started this morning. Did not do as well as I thought I would.  Bummer.   After recess I had a math quiz.   We are working on fractions now and this really messes my brain up.   Why God made things so complicated is beyond me!  Where is the fun in school when what I’m learning is actually hard to understand?  The day was full of new challenges.  Even the food for lunch was something that I had never seen before.   I ate it but did not know what I was eating.

My teacher also introduced us to a student that is studying to be a teacher and she will be with us every day for the next six weeks.  She will be helping us prepare for some year-end tests.   This school business in like going to work every day.  Long hours, challenging people and little reward.  Life should be fun for a kid like