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Month: April 2017

Is your child involved in a children-centered church program?  

Make sure your child is involved in a church-based learning program geared for one’s age.  If you want your child to grow into adulthood with the values that are important to you, then you need to make sure they are engaged in an environment outside of your home where these values are being taught and reinforced when they are young.


Mower On the Loose

Who is your best friend?  Andy’s best friend is a boy named Joey.  I know, it sounds a bit strange.  It’s not too common for a fourth grade ant and a fourth grade boy to be best friends.

Andy and his family live in an underground condo that is under the front steps of Joey and his family’s home.  Since they live so close to one another, almost every day Andy and Joey end up having an unexpected adventure together.

On the first day that they met each other, a lawn mower on the loose almost mowed down the Grand Ant soccer team.  You need to get the Lawn Mower on the Loose book to find out how they met and what happened to the soccer team that day (your mom or dad can buy this adventure by clicking on the title and ordering you a copy today).

  • What adventure did you end up having today?
  • What does ADVENTURE mean to you?
  • Who was with you on your last adventure?
  • What did you learn from this adventure?
Andy really likes school—his attitude is different than mine!

My teacher reminded us of the science project this morning.  She never gives up loading the work on us!   It is even difficult to enjoy recess with all the work I have coming at me.

Andy came over for a visit last night before I went to bed.  He absolutely loves school!   He says learning is a great adventure in life.   Every test he takes he get top marks.   He believes learning leads to having insight and wisdom to make good decisions in life.   I am beginning to think that my attitude about school has a lot to do with how I learn in school.  Maybe if I see how learning is helping me I will be more eager to learn.   Andy’s insights always amaze me.


Teach Godly values to your child. Never assume your child will “get it.”

The Adventures of Andy Ant stories are not religious stories as such, but each story makes at least one reference to God. Andy and Joey both know God is involved in their lives. The values taught in these adventures are based on Biblical truth. God should not be reserved for Sunday mornings. Make periodic mentions of God so your child begins to recognize you honor and respect His authority. You are to train up a child in the way that he or she should think and act, so when the child is older, he or she will not depart from their respect for and honor of God.  This is taught, not caught.

The Swimming Disaster

What do you like to do in the summer when it’s hot outdoors?  Andy Ant loves to swim, but his pool is very different from the place where his best friend, Joey, swims.  Andy had quite an adventure one day when he went along with Joey’s suggestion to swim without Andy’s brother, Parker, there with him.

Because they both disobeyed instructions by their parents, Andy was almost lost forever.  To read about this adventure, you will want to order a copy of The Swimming Hole Disaster (your mom or dad can buy this adventure by clicking on the title and ordering you a copy today).

  • What is your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day? 
  • Has there been a time when you were told to do something, but you never did it? 
  • What happened?  
  • What did you learn?